Sunday, June 30, 2013

we all like to make bubbles

so me and this guy i met on holiday met up as my parents became good friends with his parents.
anyway at his house his dad was working and his mum and my mum had gone out in the car somewhere shopping so we were sat on his xbox. things started to get heated up and i ended up giving him a blowjob then he ended up poking me and kissing. then we moved on to sex, he put a condom on and we began to have sex. after he had climaxed we layed there kissing and then he went to the bathroom to remove the condom. he wrapped it in toilet paper and put it to the bottom of the bin.
Later that night in his hot tub we had the jets on and the bubbles and he began poking me and i gave him a hand job very slyly! his mum got out and went to get in the shower as her programes were startin and we stayed in, his dad brought us drinks out and then left. i straddled him and took my bikini bottoms off and he got it out of his shorts and we began to have sex again. the shed doors were shut and the only thing lighting the room were fairy lights and the music were playing. we were going pretty hard and obviously noises were being made. we didnt hear his dad come out of the house at all and he had the remote to the ipod docking station and all of a sudden the door opened and he paused the music!! i was moaning as was the guy and then we both splashed away from eachother and turned around to see his dad stood there looking rather shocked but he shuffled quitley saying turn that rubbiah down will you in a joking way. having to walk through his house in my bikini to get to the bathroom infront of his parents has to be the most embarrasing thing ive ever done especially after his dad told his mum 'we were making bubbles in the hot tub'. although we are now together and his dad always knocks when we are in the hot tub and we have the music on low!!!

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