Sunday, June 30, 2013

Well that child's going to need counselling of some sort in the future

Well the other day i go round 2 the ex's house for a bit of fun. Every man has his needs! So i get there and up stairs i go where shes sat waiting in her matching leopard print underwear. Well it aint on her long n im goin at that pussy licking her out finger blastin at the same time and shes fuckin howling the place down. Well im just about 2 stop n start fuckin her wen she lets this massive fart out. All of a sudden i feel sumthn hit me on the chin? Im thinking what the fucks this. Next thing her oldest boy (13)walks through 2 c what all the screaming was all about.were 2 caught up in the moment 2 hear him coming. he turns the light on and looks at me face deep in his mothers clung with what had hit me on the chin drippin was only a wet shitty fart. Fare 2 say me n her wont be talkin face 2 face again. Embarrassed wasn't the word!!

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