Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why wont she go away

So one night me and my boyfriend are just driving through the city and all of the sudden I get horny out of no where. (Which is usually not me lol) so he's driving and I start unbuckling his pants. I give him a blow job, and he's all for it of course cuz I never do that! So he keeps driving and eventually he says "we needa stop somewhere." So we automatically think of the park two streets away from us. We go there, too much light. (My bf had no tinted windows at the time) so we drive around, finally find a dark spot and I continue to give him a blow job. All of the sidden I hear him saying "babe..." in a voice that made me thing omg.. what happened. While we're in the car and he's laid back and I'm clearly sucking his penis, THE WHOLE TIME, this woman who was walking her dog was just standing there on the sidewalk starring at us. I'm so embarrassed all i do is stop, but leave my head where it is, not moving and my boyfriend is covering his face wantinf to laugh. I keep asking him while my mouth is still on it "is she still there? Is she still there?" And she is -.- now idk what this lady's problem was but I'd say I had my head still there in embarrassment for about a good 5 -10 min before she walked away with her dog. Till this day, me and my boyfriend still laugh about it.

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